Hello everyone,
Yeah... the forum is closing. And if you're wondering why? I'd say this forum was like a red herring... I mean, there was no need for it from the beginning, and it distracted me from the main projects of the website and mission. On the other hand, we already have a Facebook group with over 2.3k members! For now, I'll leave it online in "read-only" mode (to avoid spam); because we may need it in the future, and there are some good topics here.

I want to thank everyone who joined the forum, especially Entuzio and Toysoft, for helping me moderate it and the group :) Also, stay tuned for new updates for the projects and group.

Thank you for reading,

Erik S. Klein (Vintage-computer.com)

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Erik S. Klein (Vintage-computer.com)

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A cool website about collecting, restoring, and Vintage computers :)
Atari falcon alive :!:

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My favorite Vintage computing website since 2006 :)