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ContrAltoJS (Xerox Alto JS Emulator)

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Mohamed said
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ContrAltoJS (Xerox Alto JS Emulator)

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Hello, everyone.

Today, I am talking about a cool JavaScript project named ContrAltoJS. It's a port of the Living Computer Museum's ContrAlto project to JavaScript. And there's an online hosted version of this project (Loomcom Archive).

Also, this emulator supports network-based applications by using a JavaScript networking library (Retroweb Networking) for tunneling legacy networking protocols over WebRTC, which is built atop the Peerjs communications library. The virtual network will be shared among all running instances of ContraltoJS, regardless of location.

I recommend it to everyone to try this project. Also, I will try to write more about this project's related projects (Retroweb Networking and Retroweb Vintage Computer Museum) here soon :)

Thank you for reading,

Mohamed Said
A screenshot of Xerox SmallTalk 76 running on ContrAltoJS.
A screenshot of Xerox SmallTalk 76 running on ContrAltoJS.
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