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Java for Amiga

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Hello everyone,

From a time ago, I had read about a project named (JAmiga), which is an effort to port Java to the Amiga and Amiga related operating systems.

So I searched more about that interesting topic, and I found another tool for Amiga named (Java Grinder) that translates byte-code from Java (.class) files into native assembly code -much like a JIT or an (ahead of time) compiler-, so gives the ability to write programs in Java to run natively on Amiga or other platforms.

This video of a demo compiled by Java Grinder running on an Amiga 1000, also after it completes, there is another video of the same demo running on the emulator.

As an Atari fan, I hope Java got ported to the m68k-atari platform :)
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Gilbert S
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Re: Java for Amiga

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Cool :thumbup:

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