Hello everyone,
Yeah... the forum is closing. And if you're wondering why? I'd say this forum was like a red herring... I mean, there was no need for it from the beginning, and it distracted me from the main projects of the website and mission. On the other hand, we already have a Facebook group with over 2.3k members! For now, I'll leave it online in "read-only" mode (to avoid spam); because we may need it in the future, and there are some good topics here.

I want to thank everyone who joined the forum, especially Entuzio and Toysoft, for helping me moderate it and the group :) Also, stay tuned for new updates for the projects and group.

Thank you for reading,

New site, new era

Information and news about the site will be posted here
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New site, new era

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Hello, and welcome everyone to the new Old Computer Club site :!:

I wanted the Old Computer Club (OCC) to have a single website that contained everything (forum, FTP (archive), and all OCC projects).

So I searched for a domain name with a gTLD because my old domain (old-computer.club) was so long, and (.club) is a worse domain name extension.
And I found (occlub.org) that it is good short for the OCC name (Old Computer CLUB-occlub) and reflects the point of this place is an organization. It's not as long as oldcomputerclub/old-computer-club with a gTLD (.org).

I am making new redesign changes for the forum and the whole website. Also, contributions are always welcome. If you have any feedback, you can sign in to the site's guestbook or contact me at (admin[at]occlub.org).
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