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My Vintage Computing Blog
A place where I talk about stuff in Vintage Computing, and some other things.

The real problem

Ok, this isn't vintage.. but I need to talk about it.

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globe3 years ago, a friend told me that a developer had created a game based on the MS classic screensaver "3D Maze", so I began searching for it, and I found an online game called "Maze" made by WebGL that looked the same as what my friend told me about. I told him about what I found, but he told me that was not the game he was talking about; the one he was talking about was an offline game made by Valve Hammer. He sent me the download link, and it was a shooting game.

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My favorite game intro

Today I remembered one of my favorite game intro songs, which had been sung by Jon Hare "Jops".. and yes, it's Cannon Fodder!! 

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Welcome to my blog (About Me)

Hello everyone, welcome to my new blog, in which I will talk about vintage computing and some things related to it. Maybe I get sometimes off vintage..

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